specialties from Puglia 

Tradition, artisan production and authentic flavors

La Grande Puglia sells many specialties products from Puglia and it verifies every single article.

The owners, after many years of experience in this field, have decided to create a unique brand of typical Italian products and, in particular, certified products from Puglia. Our store is located in Milan, and it is well-known for its La Grande Puglia 's excellent products.
Our company was founded thanks to the love and passion for our origins. To La Grande Puglia , food is about tradition, artisan production, authentic flavors, but also high-quality and customer- care. Our flavors come from a long tradition that nowadays, stands for high-level gastronomic food. Our products are naturally genuine, in addition to this, we take great care of the selection process in order to guarantee fresh and delicious products. Those are the key principles that have made this company an excellent one in terms of healthy products.

Our original made in Italy products are:
- sweets, mustard, marmalade and vincotto
– tomato sauce, tomatoes puree, tomato paste
– seafood and meat gastronomic products
– cheeses and dairy products
– dry pulses
– different types of fresh pasta
– jams and preserves
– pickled vegetables
– cookies
– vegetables preserved in oil
– classic taralli and spicy taralli
– wine
– extra-virgin olive oil

La Grande Puglia is open Monday to Saturday, from 8AM to 8PM. We offer home delivery service when ordering online our products form Puglia. Moreover, in the store, clients are given the possibility to taste products.