wines from Puglia

Moscato of Trani, Fiano Chardonnay, Chardonnay Bombino

The region of Puglia has plenty of protected and certificated wines, which are among the most appreciated in the world: in Puglia, it is possible to find different vineyards in every area. We provide a wide variety of wines from Puglia in Milan, this offer is designed to satisfy different tastes, ranging from inexperienced people to demanding sommelier. Wines from Puglia have unique features, moreover they are well-know because they come from a land with a variety of climates. We guarantee wines from Puglia in Milan that are obtained from grapes in Puglia, in particular:

  • Fiano chardonnay:it is obtained from a mix of grapes ( Fiano and chardonnay). The color is yellow with golden shades. It has a fruity perfume thanks to orange aromas, finally the taste is aromatic and fragrant. It is the ideal wine for light appetizers, first courses with seafood and shrimps.
  • Chardonnay bombino: it has a yellow color and a delicate fruity fragrance. The taste is elegant , fruity and honey. it is the ideal wine for dessert and in particular, dry pastries ( such as the cantucci).
  • Moscato di Trani: produced in the city of Trani, located along the shore of Bari, this sweet wine is ideal to taste typical pastries, especially made of almond pasta. It has a sweet and velvety taste that will conquer your palate. It is produced from mature grapes from “moscato bianco” vineyards and it has two variants: sweet and liqueur. The alcoholic strengths changes, but both present themselves yellow-colored and with an intense fragrance.