Preserved food

Preserved food from Puglia

Preserved meat, preserved seafood, pesto

La Grande Puglia brings on the table a wide variety of preserved food from Puglia. In small glass jars are enclosed many flavors coming from a rich and various land, in this way clients are given the possibility to try a high-quality product regardless of the location.

Below are listed our five preserved meat lines:

– “Grand Gourmet”, with a weight of 3kilos, artichokes, preserved vegetables, marinade vegetables, peppers and olives
– “Land of flavor”line, with preserved food in oil, artichoke, mushrooms, aubergine and olives
– “The excellent”line , characterized by an original flavor, it is a mix of julienne aubergine, pinoli, pistachios and many other delicious ingredients
– “The pesto” line, with artichokes pesto, lemon pesto, the spicy one, mix of particular species
– The tomatoes, already prepared sauces, natural tomatoes, sauces and mix of different ingredients

our preserved seafood line includes crab surimi, shrimp surimi, small octopus, natural octopus, spicy octopus, mussels, seafood salad, seafood salad with vegetables, seafood salad with tuna and shrimps.

To obtain more information regarding our preserved food from Puglia, please contact the following number 02 27018143, or send an email at Our staff will be delighted to answer your needs.