La Grande Puglia brings a tasty variety of canned food from Puglia. All the taste of a rich and varied land of flavors encased in a small glass jar, to bring to you wherever you are in the world, a product of extreme quality.

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Dairy product

La Grande Puglia selects and brings the customer all the Apulian dairy products, including buffalo mozzarella, stracciatella, butter, burrata, the first salt cheese, sweet and spicy cheese, cottage cheese and much more!

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La Grande Puglia specializes in the sale of fresh egg pasta and fresh pasta from Puglia: from orecchiette, to Strozzapreti, the cavatelli, fusilli and so on ... A single security: our products are fresh, because we receive supplies every week.


Olive Oil

La Grande Puglia brings to the customer a typical Apulian extra virgin olive oil called "The Big Oil": the great quality of our olive oil is demonstrated by its Protected Designation of Origin.

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The Apulian wines have unique and recognizable features, because they are the result of a land of great climatic diversity and the perfect sun. The Apulian wines we offer are made from grapes coming from the only Apulian vineyards.

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Bakery products

Among the products from Puglia specialties baked the Great Apulia include Altamura bread, cookies and mostaccioli of Cerignola, the scaldatelli of Cerignola (in classic style, with rosemary, potatoes, spicy, onion) and the classic focaccia.

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